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In addition to presenting, consulting and training, Joey is also the owner of Cuppa SEO Web Design. So when he’s asked, “can you just take care of building and optimizing our website for us?” The answer is YES.

At Cuppa SEO, ten talented team members build beautiful, custom websites that get found, build trust and make it easy for website visitors to become customers.

All of the proven methodologies in Joey’s book, A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing, are applied to every website that Cuppa SEO builds.


Benefits of Our Web Design Process

Cuppa SEO builds custom websites that get found, build trust and make it easy for visitors take the next step in becoming a customer.

It’s an approach that looks at your website as a whole — addressing all of the major success points — so it’s a fully-functioning site that helps you build your business. The result is a site with a built-in return-on-investment (ROI), so you’re not just spending money on your website — you’re also making money because of it!

Let’s take a look at the major benefits of our web design process …

Custom Web Design
We start off with a site design that’s customized to your company’s personality, goals and needs. You won’t find any cookie-cutter designs here!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What’s the point of having a website nobody can find? SEO is a major factor in the web design process, which is why we brew SEO into every nook and cranny of your new site.

User Experience (UX)
UX is the positive, negative or neutral experience a viewer has when they visit your site. As UX experts, we’re able to ensure the user experience on your site is a positive one.

Website Conversion
We create solid conversion strategies that make it easy for website visitors to know exactly what to do next. In other words, we make a visitor’s next steps crystal clear.

Designed for Desktop & Mobile
Every site we make is built from the ground up to provide a great desktop and mobile experience — so your site looks good on any device!

Looking for more info?
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Online Marketing Consultant Keynote Speaker Clients