Resilience Keynote Speaker Mindfulness & Stress Management


Getting Under The Surface

Are your people struggling? Are they so stressed out, burnt out, or wrecked that they’re not producing at an optimal level?

Then you need GUTS.

Based on the concepts and strategies in his book, GUTS: Getting Under The Surface to Prevent Burnout, Reduce Stress & Boost Resilience, Joey facilitates thought-provoking programs that focus on improving our mental health by digging into mindfulness, meditation, self care and relationships — including the relationship we have with ourselves.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Better understand & manage anxiety, worry & fear
  • Implement sustainable, customizable self-care strategies & practices that lower stress and reverse burnout
  • Better understand what resilience is, and how practices like the ones mentioned here can help strengthen resilience in sustainable ways
  • Use their breath as a powerful tool to release stress
  • Meet themselves where they are without judgement & begin to strengthen resilience
  • Define and practice healthy ways to cope with challenging situations, thoughts & emotions
  • Observe their thoughts & emotions, and be less overwhelmed by them
  • Understand that thoughts & emotions are things we experience — they are not who we are
  • Manage negative self talk
  • Identify and let go of resistance, while learning how to practice acceptance more often
  • Practice mindfulness to lessen distraction and be in the moment
  • Incorporate the “yes, and” philosophy into their personal & professional lives, providing them with a solutions-based approach to any situation


  • Caregivers
  • Educators
  • Professionals
  • Leaders


For Organizations & Businesses

  • Loss of productivity
  • Losing people because they are too stressed out

For Associations

  • Members looking for solutions regarding burnout of their employees — or possibly themselves


Have you thought about getting a copy of GUTS: Getting Under The Surface to Prevent Burnout, Reduce Stress & Boost Resilience for every one of your attendees, so they can continue working on themselves beyond the program?


The programs and the book are structured to help participants improve their well being, their personal and professional lives, and their relationships — including the relationship they have with themselves.

In addition to enhancing well being, another benefit is increased productivity in the workplace. Employers who understand the importance of taking care of their people receive the added benefit of improved productivity and efficiency. If your people are enjoying improved mental health and wellness, they’re better equipped to come to work and focus on the job at hand.


Whether you’re ready to discuss hiring Joey to present, or simply have questions, feel free to get in touch anytime!