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Based on the concepts and strategies in his forthcoming book, Being in the Moment & Diminishing Anxiety, Joey facilitates workshops that dive into mindfulness, meditation, self-care, and relationships — including the relationship we have with ourselves.

Joey focuses on presenting to:

  • Caregivers
  • Business leaders
  • Employee Teams
  • Parents


These thought-provoking presentations focus on improving our mental health by digging into the connection between mindfulness, meditation, self care and relationships — including the relationship we have with ourselves. You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of core concepts like acceptance, resistance and fear — and learn best practices to help lower anxiety through awareness, consciousness and the “Yes, And” philosophy. Participants will also learn more about how to improve their self care in ways that work for them.

What’s interesting about the program is that it can help participants improve their well being, AND it can also help them improve both personal and professional relationships, as well as the relationship they have with themselves.

In addition to providing better well being for the individual, one of the additional benefits is increased productivity in the workplace. Employers who understand the importance of taking care of their people, receive the added benefit of improved productivity and efficiency — which makes sense when you think about it … if your people are enjoying improved mental health and wellness, they’re better equipped to come to work and focus on the job at hand.


Whether you’re ready to discuss hiring Joey to present, or simply have questions, feel free to get in touch anytime!

Online Marketing Consultant SEO Digital Marketing