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Joey has created two major programs to help organizations, businesses, associations and individuals grow. Below you’ll find two bios: one caters to Joey’s history as it pertains to his GUTS programs. The other centers around his background in regard to his Holistic Marketing programs …


Joey’s road to facilitating Getting Under The Surface programs began with his own self-care journey, when he nearly died from a condition called Crohn’s disease in 1998.

Since then he has been practicing mindfulness and meditation, and is a long-time student on the subjects of self-care, neuroplasticity, trauma, psychology, spirituality, and relationships. These studies have drastically improved the quality of Joey’s life, and health, making it possible for him to manage his Crohn’s disease without the use of medication.

In 2017, Joey’s desire to dig deeper into these practices increased when his wife became sick with a severe case of fibromyalgia. In a very short time, work and home life were turned upside down, and the importance of self-care once again became increasingly clear.

As anxiety, fear, worry and exhaustion began to engulf him, Joey was experiencing high levels of stress, burnout — and was beginning to fall apart taking care of everyone except for himself. In a defining moment (which he talks about in his programs), Joey realized that self-care is not selfish — it’s a necessity in order to maintain one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health — and effectively serve others.

These experiences led Joey to create his GUTS podcast, and begin facilitating GUTS programs that focus on mindfulness, meditation, self-care, and relationships — including the relationship we have with ourselves. His goal is to share his experiences, and what he’s learned, in order to help others on their path.


A long-time marketing professional, Joey began presenting his Holistic Guide to Online Marketing program in 2013, soon after he launched his own marketing business, Cuppa SEO Web Design. As the program’s material expanded, the idea of an in-depth, how-to book began to take shape. In 2019 his book, A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing, was published.

Joey’s marketing career began over two decades ago as a copywriter working in print and web. Over time, he developed a passion for search engine optimization, which led him to become an expert in the field. The more proficient he became at optimizing websites — and driving more traffic to them — the more he realized the importance of looking at websites, and online marketing, holistically. This sparked intensive study and testing of methodologies including user experience, conversion, and emotional engagement in both the digital and analog world.

Over the years, Joey has had the privilege of working with companies like Promega, Lands’ End, The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Grainger Industrial Supply, Esker, Widen, and many other national and local brands.


Joey is the dad of two awesome boys, and happily married since 1997. He’s a big fan of Eckhart Tolle, Zig Ziglar, Dieter Rams, Kenya Hara, mindfulness, meditation, essentialism, Field Notes notebooks, Blackwing and vintage pencils, vinyl records, family time, geeky tech stuff — and coffee!

As mentioned earlier, in 1998, Joey suffered from a condition called Crohn’s disease that nearly killed him. It turned out to be one of the greatest gifts of his life because it was a tremendous wake-up call that set him on a course of transformation, self-discovery — and sparked his interest to help others with his GUTS and Holistic Marketing programs.

Note: Although Joey’s kids are now teenagers, and both nearly 6 feet tall, he loves these coffee pics too much to update them …

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Resilience Keynote Speaker SEO Speaker About Joey