Mindfulness Keynote Speaker Resilience Book


Expected Release, Winter 2024

GUTS: Getting Under The Surface to Prevent Burnout, Reduce Stress & Boost Resilience, dives into helping readers learn how to …

  • Better understand and manage anxiety, worry and fear
  • Implement sustainable, customizable self-care strategies and practices that lower stress and reverse burnout
  • Better understand what resilience is, and how to strengthen resilience in sustainable ways
  • Define and practice healthy ways to cope with challenging situations, thoughts & emotions
  • Use their breath as a powerful tool to release stress
  • Observe their thoughts and emotions, and be less overwhelmed by them
  • Understand that thoughts and emotions are things we experience — they are not who we are
  • Identify and let go of resistance, while learning how to practice acceptance more often
  • Manage negative self talk
  • Practice mindfulness to lessen distraction and be in the moment
  • Incorporate the “yes, and” philosophy into their personal & professional lives, providing them with a solutions-based approach to any situation

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Mindfulness Keynote Speaker Resilience Book